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This time my Wine & Cake Tasting Event was bigger and better than any of the previous ones. Ten wonderful event professionals and close to forty brides-to-be and event planners came in to share their expertise, showcase their recent work, discuss challenges that couples face when planning their wedding.

As you may agree, the event features one event professional per category to make the event more personal and educational rather than commercial and overwhelming. Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-59 Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-61 This time Amy Kathuria at Me Too Cakes prepared five delicious flavors to sample:

– Yellow Butter Cake w/ Passion fruit buttercream

– Lemon Butter Cake w/ Lemon buttercream and Wild Blueberries

– Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Buttercream

– Chocolate Sour Cream Cake w/ Raspberry Buttercream

– Chocolate Sour Cream Cake w/ Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel Buttercream

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-96

Our catering sponsor, Mint Catering – catering with fine dining quality – brought in some fantastic hors d’oeuvres, including goat cheese and caviar mini pancakes, mini caprese, and mini fruit tarts.

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-50 Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-51 Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-52

What a lovely treat it was — The Chocolate Art Box and their fantastic, individualized chocolate favors printed and delivered right on the spot!

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-79Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-64Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-63Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-121A huge shout out goes to Stacy & Joseph at FLO New York for making our event so much prettier with breathtakingly beautiful and original floral arrangement both, grand and petite.

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-115 Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-118 Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-134 Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-137It was quite an exciting day for me because it was my first time speaking on camera. Penny & Mary event planning company interviewed me for their website. I had so much to say, but it’s funny how standing in front of a camera made all my thoughts go blank. I had to make an extra effort to focus!

In the end of the night we raffled off a bunch of really great prizes:

– A mini engagement or portrait photo-session from Tatiana Valerie, Artvesta Photography

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-99

– A box of mini-cupcakes and a Me Too Cakes T-shirt from Amy at Me Too Cakes

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-66

– A floral arrangement from Flo NY

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-97

– A mini tablet from All Seated

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-98

– Two sets of Bass Buds earphones with Swarovsky elements from Tartara

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-102

– One therapeutic relaxation session from Rev. Luisa Porrata

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-68

– A chocolate basket from The Chocolate Art Box

Artvesta Wine & Cake Event 0414-65

As always, we had a lot of fun at the event. Thanks to everyone who came in!

Thanks to our videographer, Kameron Key, for filming our event!

Artvesta Wine & Cake Tasting Event, April 3rd, 2014 from Tatiana Valerie on Vimeo.

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